Premium Snapchats| Shoutouts

It's time for the Starlets to get a very very naughty snapchat.

Why get the premium Snapchat ?

I don't know ;) .. OUR SNAPS

Other Snapchats Don't Compare

We have a reputation for having one of the best Snaps in social media

We will have new girls, starlets , being naughty and uncensored


So here are the rules

No Screen Shots, No Rudeness

You get Daily snaps, (5days) random models,
Just include your Snapchat username or contact email
and you'll be added to the Girls' snapchat.

Adds will be done within 24 hours. Typically under an hour.

And that's it! You'll be connected with some of the HOTTEST snapchatters around!

If you're NOT ADDED within 24 hrs,
email us at
and we'll get you connected!

Our Starlets WANT to Help YOU Reach your Instagram and Snapchat audience!
So Here's The Terms..
Your Shoutouts will be up for 1hr or 24hrs
No nudes and no sexual suggestive content.
If you're not sure, email before buying with text and pictures.
Only SFS pages or model Pages.
Will shoutout until you reach 1,000 plus followers or 15 shoutouts max (for option C).
You can submit pics of your shoutout or we can provide our own.
Send a screenShot of your IG account with follower count after purchase.

Option A) Fansign from a starlet = $5

Option B) 1hr=$5 or 24hr=10$ Shoutouts

Option C) Shoutouts until you gain 1,000 + followers on IG (read before buying) = $15

These are REAL followers
& REAL fans!

Email for custom packages

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